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Sweets with L&L

Houston, TX, USA
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Originally, in 2018, this gourmet cotton candy company required social media management to build awareness for their products and catered spinning. Over the years, the brand has grown exponentially with different products and locations. The next step was to build a new website that’s fun, sweet, and ready to sell. In addition, we’ve serviced Sweets with L&L through marketing consultations, brand presentations, and a business plan for growth across different markets and preparation for a new location.

Our solution to improve their online presence and prepare for new traffic was to develop a fully functioning ecommerce site. This includes 5 website pages, 20 products, basic SEO copywrite and technical SEO for search engine optimization, 3 form integrations, Google Maps integration, and wholesale contact information. In addition, the website is built with a CMS (content management system) for easy product and order management via Webflow's client dashboard.

The website is complete! Check it out today!

Client says

"Ashlynn is extremely professional and knowledgeable. As a small business owner, I have appreciated her feedback and help growing my business! When I needed a pitch for a big brand company this is when she blew me away with her work. In addition, I needed a website and business plan as well and let’s just says it’s definitely top tier and from her amazing working on my website, my site is already beginning to get more traffic. You will never regret investing in Ashlynn and her team for your business needs!"

Sweets with L&L
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